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The Evolution of Short-Term Car Insurance

In the past, most car insurance policies (from sites such as were offered on a yearly basis. Monthly premiums would be paid and in turn, the driver would be protected in the event of an accident, an injury or associated property damages. Recent times have illustrated that the world of car insurance is quickly evolving. One area which has gained a particular amount of interest is short-term car insurance, from sites such as To appreciate the benefits of these policies, it is important to understand the factors which have allowed them to evolve into their modern form.


Much like any industry, the insurance sector has witnessed a great deal of competition in recent times. One reason for this change is the fact that most policies can now be purchased directly over the Internet and in only a matter of minutes.

Customers also have the ability to compare and contrast all of the most relevant providers; an action that would have been nearly impossible before the online revolution. With so many options now available, insurers need to provide more flexible policies. One area that they use to entice customers involves short-term car insurance. The majority of policies offer coverage between one and 28 days.

Increased Travel at Home and Abroad

Many short-term policies are purchased by those who plan on doing a certain amount of travelling. Examples here can include family holidays or business trips. As more and more drivers are now found upon the motorways of the United Kingdom, it only makes sense that short-term plans have become prevalent.

This concept is just as valid in regards to those travelling abroad with their vehicles to regions such as Europe. With the increased frequency of road trips during the past two decades, the need for shorter term insurance plans became clear. This importance was heightened due to the fact that foreign policies may not have included adequate coverage levels and they were often difficult to understand.

The Importance of the No-Claims Bonus

Another stipulation that is now regarded as one of the most attractive clauses within any insurance policy is a no-claims bonus. Unfortunately, this bonus could have been jeopardised if someone else was operating the vehicle and caused an accident. The owner of the car would then be exempt from his or her no-claims reduction. The Internet has changes this situation as well.

Let us imagine for a moment that you have loaned your car to a friend with a temporary insurance policy. Should this friend be involved in an accident, their policy will come into effect. As a result, your no-claim bonus remains intact. This has been another motivational factor regarding the rise of short-term car insurance over the past few years.

These are some of the main reasons that have influenced the development of temporary vehicle insurance during the past decade. As there are a growing number of policies available through the Internet each and every year, we should only expect that short-term car insurance is here to stay.

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